Rahpouan Danaee Kherad Charity


Never will you attain the good [reward] until you spend [in the way of Allah] from that which you love. And whatever you spend - indeed, Allah is Knowing of it.

Quran,92nd verse, sura 3 ( Al Imran )



Our Goals:

We believe that there will be positive outcomes if we spend money and time on educating the poor, specially the needy kids and youngsters. If we are able to educate these kids and youngsters appropriately, they will be effective and respectable citizens in future.Our Charity has been established with the following goals:

  • Promoting the spirit of altruism and improving mental health of our Charity Members

  • Making our audience (both our members and our clients) more capable

  • Discovering the hidden talents among the less developed areas and helping them flourish

  • Organizing the facilities and financial aids to improve the level of educating the people in need

  • Educating and enabling needy girls with no or conflictive parents in order to help them live on their own and find a suitable job in the labor market

  • Creating an opportunity for our graduates to get familiar with charitable services as educators for the above-mentioned girls


To achieve these goals, we first registered our NGO in 2006. Now we are going to build a Garden House (Camp) with the necessary in-house, educational and recreational facilities to serve our clients all over Iran.




Fortunately, one of our students’ parents donated a piece of land of 11852 square meters located in the "Iranian Land" (Tehran-Saveh Road, 35 Kilometers away from Tehran). The other parents are working on the first phase maps. To build this Garden House, we need as follows:

  • Providing Clean Energy either Solar or Wind considering the climate of the region (more than 300 sunny days all year round and North West Wind)

  • Equipping the different workshops serving 30 students each (sewing workshops, Computer Lab., Photography Lab., Visual Art Workshop and etc.)

  • Equipping the amphitheater for 350 people (light, sound, seats and so on)

  • Heating and Cooling facilities for about 4000 square meters

  • Industrial Kitchen Facilities serving 250 people

  • Industrial Laundry

  • A storehouse to store food stuff

  • Equipping Science Labs with the maximum capacity of 30 people each

  • A Health Center (Providing First Aid Training)



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