”Learning to live together implies a commitment to learning about,understanding and sharing with the other. It means developing common values whilst at the same time respecting our rich cultural diversity.“
           Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO


Our vision:
Becoming a World-class Institute that is an Institute with the following features:

  •  High performance

  •  High commitment

  •  Life-long Learning


Manzoumeh Kherad Institute tries to design its educational programs in a way that the teachers and students can acquire a better understanding of the global issues facing the new generations.

Our teachers and students participate in International and national projects to share their knowledge and understandings with their peers all over the world. In a nutshell, our Institute has committed itself to help the development of the three feature of World-class Institutes, i.e. high performance, high commitment and life-long learning in all the processes in which staff, students and parents are involved.

Thus, we expect energetic and active participation of all the members of the system along with a strong feeling of ownership of the Institute’s vision and mission.

We aim to mobilize and inspire students to become more aware of the value of their culture and cultural diversity.


Learning Environment

Manzoumeh Kherad Institute was established in 2000 by 58 experienced teachers.

This Institute is active in the following fields:

1. Education

  • Schooling( k-12)

  • In-service Teachers’ Training.

2. Research

  • Integrating ICT in Curriculum

  • Students’ Projects at national and international levels

  • Providing teachers with facilities to integrate ICT in their classrooms

  • Doing Educational Researches.

3. Consultancy

  • Supporting students and their parents to cope with their personal and educational lives.

  • Designing and conducting workshops for students and their parents on issues like self- confidence, anxiety and time management .




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