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We have tried to design our educational programs in a way that our teachers and students can acquire a better understanding of the global issues facing the new generations.

Our teachers and students participate in

International and national projects to share their knowledge and understanding with their peers all over the world. In a nutshell, our Institute has committed itself to help the development of the three features of World-class Institutes, i.e. high performance, high commitment and life-long learning in all the processes in which staff, students and parents are involved.

Thus, we expect energetic and active participation of all the members of the system ,being sure that they will feel strongly attached to the Institute’s vision and mission.



International collaboration


Students take part in international

projects in order

  • to learn how “to think globally and

to act locally!”

  • to get prepared for a peaceful world, where people respect one another despite their


  • to find similarities between their own culture and that of their peers from other countries and at the same time, respect the differences.


Environment & Facilities

  • We aim to provide our students with the skills to be effective participants in the world.

  • We have observed how our students have grown both culturally and educationally after having participated in international projects.



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